Soup Noodles on a Gluten-Free Diet?

One thing we missed going gluten-free were homemade noodles. You know the ones, those wide noodles that are delightful for slurping down a bowl of homemade chicken soup. Once again. BetterBatter Gluten-free flour blend comes to the rescue. There is a recipe on their site that is super simple – one egg to one cup of their flour. I guess the climate has been drier around here or our eggs are smaller but it isn’t a problem! I just start off with a cup or two of BetterBatter, salt to taste, and then add eggs until I have a workable dough.  It has opened up a lot of our favorite recipes but still keeps my husband’s gluten-free diet in place.

So far, I’ve used the recipe to make Pot Stickers which is a great way to use leftover meat for the filling.

As mentioned, the old-fashioned noodles for homemade chicken soup.

You can also make a larger batch of the recipe and end up with noodles to top with your favorite pasta sauce.

If you have a Chinese Noodle Press, the same dough will make fried crispy noodles.

Ravioli is not a gluten-free possibility! Only problem figuring out whether you want tomato sauce or a clear one?


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