Saving the World With Electric Cars . . . at the Cost of Children

Like most ideas that come up in defense of the environment, they all usually have a dark side that is seldom investigated until many people have given their life for it. The people who are helping to provide our ‘clean living’ exist in dirt, sweat, poverty, and abuse.

3 thoughts on “Saving the World With Electric Cars . . . at the Cost of Children

  1. The “Feel Good” enviro-nazis and their liberal cohorts NEVER discuss the sources of their brand of “Save The Earth” knee-jerk ideas… they just think everything they come up with is the only, intellectual, progressive, and viable answer to all the world’s ills.

    Gore doesn’t think twice about the carbon footprint of his 32,000 square-foot beachfront (I thought the oceans were rising?) mansion. Likewise the “clean energy / zero-emission” folks have never figured out where all those materials come from and how they are extracted, refined, manufactured, marketed, and transported to the point of use. And if they have, they don’t care. These are just “Inconvenient Truths”. So what if tens of thousands of African children slave in mines? So what if Chinese slave laborers are used for assembly of these components?What matters is WE’RE SAVING THE EARTH, you regressive, illiterate, capitalistic, bourgeois, racist, homophobe. Racist. Republithug.  Paleo-Con.


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