David Daleiden – Where is He Today? Uh, WHO is he?

David Daleiden – Where is He Today? Uh, WHO is He?

On first reading, do you know who David Daleiden is? What he has done? And what have his actions earned him?

Do you remember the videos that came out in the last year that exposed Planned Parenthood for running a baby parts selling business? David Daleiden is the person who was part of this ‘sting’ operations. So, what is this Christian and ProLife young man up to these days?

In short, fighting for his freedom and character.

A biased federal judge wants to slap him with civil penalties of ‘contempt of court’.

The courts and biased powers that be are seeking triple damages and reimbursement for their lawyers’ fees in two federal racketeering lawsuits, including the contemp proceeding.

They want to convict David of fifteen felony crimes as charged in California state court so that he’ll get stiff penal fines plus a very long prison sentence.

Basically, they want him discredited and smeared as a serial felon and put him behind bars for as many years as possible.

His crime? He brought to light the fact that there was an ongoing traffic in the sale of aborted baby parts.

The Thomas More Society is fielding and supporting a team of pro-life attorneys to fight this injustice but you know how things can often go in our liberal, abortion-minded world.

My reason in telling you, besides sharing my disgust and indignation is to let you know that as hard as the people involved with The Thomas More society are working, it is still expensive fighting for rights in this world especially when it deals with any kind of ‘threat’ to abortion or revelation of it’s seedy side. They need money to continue even when I’m sure many that are involved are foregoing checks in order to see this matter rectified. If you are looking for a way to fight for the unborn and against the desecration of aborted babies, you might consider putting The Thomas More Society on your tithing list.

The address for making donations is: Thomas More Society, 19 South LsDalle, Ste. 603, Chicago, IL 60603. (312) 782-1680 http://www.ThomasMoreSociety.org

The Outcome Realities of Minimum Wage

The constant refrain when it comes to the economy is raising the minimum wage because one just cannot support a family on the current one. Well, entry-level positions have traditionally been transition points for the first-time hired or someone who just wants to earn a little extra money. In spite of crunching the numbers, liberals, especially want to see the minimum wage increased nationally to fifteen dollars an hour. Even in the face of fact, they hold strong to their stand. Naturally, people earning ten or twelve dollars are willing to protest and demand the extra money because all those business owners are rolling in dough, right. A former employee of McDonald’s was quoted in Forbes on the reality of increasing the minimum across the board.

I worked for the company for three decades, and served as its USA President for 13 years. I can assure you that a $15 minimum wage won’t spell the end of the brand. However it will mean wiping out thousands of entry-level opportunities for people without many other options.

The $15 minimum wage demand, which translates to $30,000 a year for a full-time employee, is built upon a fundamental misunderstanding of a restaurant business such as McDonald’s. “They’re making millions while millions can’t pay their bills,” argue the union groups, suggesting there’s plenty of profit left over in corporate coffers to fund a massive pay increase at the bottom.

In truth, nearly 90% of McDonald’s locations are independently-owned by franchisees who aren’t making “millions” in profit. Rather, they keep roughly six cents of each sales dollar after paying for food, staff costs, rent and other expenses.

Let’s do the math: A typical franchisee sells about $2.6 million worth of burgers, fries, shakes and Happy Meals each year, leaving them with $156,000 in profit. If that franchisee has 15 part-time employees on staff earning minimum wage, a $15 hourly pay requirement eats up three-quarters of their profitability. (In reality, the costs will be much higher, as the company will have to fund raises further up the pay scale.) For some locations, a $15 minimum wage wipes out their entire profit.

Attention: Rosary Makers!

I’ve been making Rosaries for St. Paul Street Evangelization for a couple of years now. I like their ‘method’ of sharing the Faith with going to the streets and just being there waiting for people to approach them. One of their main aspects is getting a Rosary into as many hands as possible. Our Blessed Mother can be a strong supporter of working through her Rosary.

Anyway, I just got a letter from the ministry and as their apostolate grows so does their need for Rosaries. They provide Rosaries and other religious information to thousands of evangelists and hundreds of teams throughout the world.

So, if you are a Rosary Maker, pleased consider sending them some Rosaries to support their work. The address is St. Paul Street Evangelization, 8220 West State Rd. 48, Bloomington, IN 47404.

If you are interested in learning to make Rosaries, you can find out all you need from: Our Lady’s Rosary Makers  https://olrm.org/.

Explaining Away Murder . . .

Definition of the day:
gen-o-cide (pronunciation)
The deliberate killing of a large group of people, especially those of a particular ethnic group, political group, cultural group. The definition of genocide is specific targeting of people of any national, ethnic, racial, or religious group for purposes of extermination.
Well, you might think to yourself, that certainly doesn’t happen with any frequency these days, right? Doing a little research will, however, point out that there are many such attacks on various groups of people happening in our modern, enlightened era.
In fact, Iceland just proudly informed the world of their particular genocide this week and many people on some news channels almost sounded congratulatory. In case you haven’t heard, Iceland is nearly 100% ‘free’ of Downs children in their country. Did they come up with some genetic cure for this? Perhaps, a prenatal diet that will give each and every unborn baby nutrients that would prevent this? No, Iceland is proud of the fact that they are having a genocide on Downs babies in the womb by way of abortion.
This is the stuff of horrific science fiction stories where everyone has to be the same and perfect in order to maintain some status of the empire.
You have to wonder how living, breathing Downs people feel about this to realize that in a civilized country in the world, their ‘kind’ are being targeted. How many Christians are there in Iceland who seem to find it easy to separate religious values from state laws with the sacrifice of the unborn.
The world is busy these days changing out good for evil and celebrating the evil. I read once that every time a child is born, God smiles as would any of us when presenting someone a gift. How would you feel having a gift you bestowed on someone being spurned?

Words for Today’s World

“Do not look forward to what may happen tomorrow.
The same Everlasting Father, who takes care of you today, will take care of you tomorrow.
He will either shield you from suffering,
or give you unfailing strength to bear it.
Be at peace then, and put aside all anxious thoughts and imaginations.”-Saint Francis de Sales.

Soup Noodles on a Gluten-Free Diet?

One thing we missed going gluten-free were homemade noodles. You know the ones, those wide noodles that are delightful for slurping down a bowl of homemade chicken soup. Once again. BetterBatter Gluten-free flour blend comes to the rescue. There is a recipe on their site that is super simple – one egg to one cup of their flour. I guess the climate has been drier around here or our eggs are smaller but it isn’t a problem! I just start off with a cup or two of BetterBatter, salt to taste, and then add eggs until I have a workable dough.  It has opened up a lot of our favorite recipes but still keeps my husband’s gluten-free diet in place.

So far, I’ve used the recipe to make Pot Stickers which is a great way to use leftover meat for the filling.

As mentioned, the old-fashioned noodles for homemade chicken soup.

You can also make a larger batch of the recipe and end up with noodles to top with your favorite pasta sauce.

If you have a Chinese Noodle Press, the same dough will make fried crispy noodles.

Ravioli is not a gluten-free possibility! Only problem figuring out whether you want tomato sauce or a clear one?


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