The Past’s Effect on Our Future

Seems that in the middle of a World War, there was more going on that would eventually shape our today. Most of us probably never found this aspect in our school history books.

2 thoughts on “The Past’s Effect on Our Future

  1. 100% spot-on.

    Can’t trust history books or journalists to EVER tell the truth. Only the ones who were there and were lucky enough to have survived to tell and record their experience are believable sources. The vileness of war is SO underappreciated on these shores that have not seen violence since Union troops sacked and destroyed American cities. I am so fearful this will be coming our way in our lifetimes…


    1. And, what kind of young people do we have to draft into service if that day comes? Just compare the 18-25 year old that went to war in 1941 and paid for our freedoms with their lives. Today, the same age group is huddles in safe spaces worrying about hurt feelings and supporting all the agendas we went to war to stop. It isn’t a hopeful picture.


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