The Down Side of Home Schooling . . .

I home schooled my four children until they went to college. This article rang such a familiar bell.

We had been homeschooling for about a year when out of the blue, we got a post card announcing a pot luck picnic meet and greet. My children were so excited to have a play day with other children and I looked forward to meeting some other mothers. My husband didn’t mind meeting up with home schooling dads and getting their view and suggestions.

We arrived and there was a very large crowd of people already gathered and milling around chatting. We looked around for a place to check in or whatever. People looked at us but turned away to greet arriving friends. I put my offering for the potluck on the designated table. We wandered around. I walked up to one group of women who didn’t even try to include me much less ask my name. My husband and I took the children over to a playground and talked to each other.

Lunch was announced and people gathered in groups happily munching and making room for friends. We found a patch of ground outside the circle and picked at our lunch. The group did a lot of praying before and after the meal but didn’t notice a prevalence of real spirituality apparent in their actions.

I guess that, sometimes, you feel you are pursuing such a noble path in life, you don’t have the time to be noble or caring yourself.

2 thoughts on “The Down Side of Home Schooling . . .

  1. Gosh – first you’re a pariah for wanting to teach your children at home, then the VERY GROUP that does the same has already “cliqued” and formed social circles… and no one can be bothered with greeting the new faces…

    I think that’s just a failure of the group to organize correctly after they have invited “new members and new faces”. SOMEONE has to be the greeter and concierge. Sad, but this happens everywhere, with every human activity. It takes only one to come forward and say hello and make you feel welcome – not much of a strain to leave the people you’ve already bonded with so as to make the newbie feel included…


    1. There were a homeschooling dad who we knew for over eight years but he never, ever spoke to us! He looked through us a lot! One October Fair I went to his
      booth for nachos. He took the dregs of crumbs from a chip bag and put them in a dish and dumped the cheese on that! Before I could take this in as real, someone else came up and he said, “Hold on until I open another bag as you need unbroken tortilla chips for this.”


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