God Bless America!

It is so sad that for many the Fourth of July has been demoted to a day off, an excuse to spend lots of money shooting off fireworks (which began in our neighborhood two weeks ago!), a reason to drink, a time to denounce the ‘racist’ holiday and disrespect the president when so many people over the years have sacrificed and died to give all the people the right to sit in a coffee shop, sipping there fancy-pants lattes and complain.

In many respects we have turned into a very selfish world with all the ease and conveniences of living here. Yet, there was a poll mentioned on the radio that said so few people who live here and enjoy what they have are not proud of their country. Makes you wonder why they don’t pack up and moved to whatever wonderful paradise can rival America. Hey, I’d help them pack!

Naturally, I am not proud of some of the recent actions of various politicians who are using their office to further personal agendas rather than respect the voters who gave them the chance to respect them.

My son and I were able to follow the route of the Band of Brothers in Europe almost ten years ago and visit many of the battle sites and the beaches involved in D-Day. We saw pictures of the men involved and the troops. So many of the young men sent into battle were eighteen or over. One can’t help but compare those MEN to the same-aged young men of today who take up rocks and bricks to fight and try to destroy whatever doesn’t please them in their own country instead of standing up and knowing their history, being proud of how far we have come over the two hundred years plus and BECOME a man.

We do have our problems but America is still beautiful and could be more so if people respected the truth and stopped pushing personal agendas without thought for truth and character.

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