Vaccinations Can Save Unvaccinated Lives

The debate goes on and on regarding vaccinations. I even had someone tell me that he doesn’t worry about his children not undertaking the alleged danger of vaccinations because MY vaccinated children will protect the unvaccinated. While true, what an attitude.

I’ve read that some doctors won’t allow deliberately unvaccinated children into their office in order to protect the patients who come in and are too young to get vaccinated like infants and immune-compromised children.

After reading the story in this link, if, up until now, I hadn’t provided my children with vaccinations, I would be making an appointment today.

2 thoughts on “Vaccinations Can Save Unvaccinated Lives

  1. Thanks for that info – I had never even thought about transplant patients or the immuno-suppressed.

    This is certainly a new twist to the “vaccinate or not” argument… The best solution, as always, is EDUCATION. Hard to get a good bead on anything these days, though, because of TOO MUCH information. Best thing to do is look at the numbers, then look at any third- or fourth-world country where no one is vaccinated. I believe the truest answer lies right there in the infant and childhood death rates.


    1. The number of vaccinated people has gone down a lot which makes us more likely of epidemics. I think that several years ago an Amish family traveled through a couple of states bringing the virus and, if I’m remembering correctly, something in the hundreds caught the measles or mumps with a couple of deaths. Okay, if you don’t want to vaccinate against the basic childhood diseases, I can’t understand not having the polio because that for sure is a life time commitment if you even survive that far AND polio is still very much present in the world.


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