War And No Peace – College Style

When I was growing up, I was always told by my mother that physical confrontations weren’t a sign of strength but evidence of a lack of intelligence. She said that when someone lashes out with their fists, it’s usually because they don’t have the brain power to make a substantive reply. A look at what is going on in the world around us today reveals that the bully tactic is in full play with very little brain power behind it.

During the recent presidential campaign, the Democratic supporters resorted to violence at President Trump’s rallies instead of concentrating on supporting their own candidate. All it took was the sighting of a Trump hat to set them off to physically assault people who were just exercising their right to have a say in the election results.

The college students are spending more time being incensed by reality and taking it out in physical violence and destruction of property. They are being subsidized by loving parents in order to attend institutions of higher learning while degrading themselves with revolting language, inciting destruction of property and beating up any opposition. Of course, when confronted, they always have their safe spaces and hot cocoa waiting.

Whenever a speaker is invited to a campus, these days, if the ‘children’ don’t approve, they burn down college buildings, destroy property, and threaten the speaker. Actually, I think they either do not understand what the speaker might represent or are afraid he/she might be using words to argue that might strain the limitations of their brains. Instinctively, they may be concerned they will learn something which would mess up their angry mind set.

Even many of the professors egg the students on with biased pieces of education and give them their view of the world which they must adhere to in order to pass the class.

Seems to me that when manners fled the world and four-letter words became every day vocabulary, it blunted the brain waves and opened up empty heads to violent reactions in response to concepts they couldn’t understand.

2 thoughts on “War And No Peace – College Style

  1. Hope you don’t mind if I keep this for future reference (and argument with the brain-dead).

    This is the best rundown of the situation of intelligent discussion vs. mindless brute reaction. Thank you!


    1. Thank you! I get so fed up with the ‘higher educated’ using their foul mouths and fists to ‘explain’ their position. I’ve seen footage of college students who don’t even know who won the Civil War! But, just disagree with them and you risk bodily harm supported by the college administration. I hope some parents wake up to the fact that real learning isn’t happening.


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