Watching From the Pew . . .

I remember one Sunday,years ago, there were four altar servers (male) lined up to serve the Mass. They were on time and ready to process into Mass. Three, little girls showed up at the last minute, and the pastor made the director either incorporate them into the already crowded group or drop some of the boys. The dignity of the Mass was compromised with too many servers literally standing around the altar.

I know that females are allowed to serve the Mass but it seems that when there are males to do it, the males should have priority. The pastor at that time continued actions in this regard and probably made it even more difficult for future pastors to nurture vocations in the parish. If the vocations aren’t encouraged, ordinations will continue to go down. It is really up to the women in the church to alleviate this situation. Altar boys have the possibility of entering the priesthood, females do not.

I can’t help thinking about how little we actually hear from the Blessed Mother in the Bible. The female gender might rediscover more of their femininity if they tried to emulate the Blessed Mother more and fight for ‘equal’ rights and power less.

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