Praying For Our Country

Praying should be an essential part of everyone’s day. Given the unchristian stance of so many aspects of our lives right now, joining forces throughout the country to pray seems like the ideal way to fight any encroaching darkness to our freedom to have the right to pray.

3 thoughts on “Praying For Our Country

  1. Never stop or reduce the amount of prayer needed for the sake of our country. It seems to have worked quite well in keeping the Spawn of Hell, Hillary Clinton, out of our nation’s highest office.Now we need continued intercession for the survival of our way of life and the opening of the hearts and minds of legislators.

    They don’t have to be religious – they just have to be AMERICANS.


    1. Reminds me so many times when problems hit people and their LAST word is, “I guess all we have now is prayer!” They might be amazed to know that prayer can be the buffer when it is a habit to pray.


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