Calories Are Always Loath to Leave!

It’s Lent so I can provide this information without too many repercussions from people who did NOT want to know this. Hey, aren’t we all supposed to be cutting back on the ‘fun’ food for Lent?

How many times have we heard someone say, “I’ll have that slice of pizza for lunch and then walk back to the office to burn off the extra calories. Uh, going to take more than a saunter back to sitting in a chair for the rest of the work day.

One slice of pizza is generally around 300 calories give or take a few depending on how many toppings you order. So, how hard can it be to burn off a good portion of that meal? You will be glad to know you have options here. You can do somewhere in the neighborhood of 1,400 sit-ups. A quick run around the block when you get home will do it . . . if the distance around your block is three miles. Prefer to do some in-home exercises? Get off easy with 285 push-ups.

How about a nice big iced cinnamon roll with coffee for a quick start to your day. ONE of those delicious, short-term energy providers checks in at over 890 calories. Will you have time to do 4,300 sit-ups before work? At what point would one need to notify the paramedics if you attempt to do this? Your morning run, should you chose that avenue, would have to be eight miles plus. No mercy if you chose push-ups as you would have to log in over 870 of those.

Don’t even consider drinking a quick breakfast with a stop by the local coffee shop as one of those milky, whipped cream topped treats can add up to and probably go 500 calories so you can guess by now where the numbers stand for running, sit-ups, or push-up.

Cheer up, however, as I’m pretty sure raw vegetables (without dip!) would be considered freebies. And, I’m going to assume that whining will burn some of the calories off, too.

2 thoughts on “Calories Are Always Loath to Leave!

  1. Well, this is cheery news! 😛

    I received my physical yesterday and the doctor has now decided I’m “pre-diabetic” because in two years I’ve gone from A1C of 5.9 to 6.6… who decides on these numbers?? No chance being 60 pounds overweight could have anything to do with it?

    Like blood pressure numbers – SO over-rated! So now Lily is now on a warpath to feed me “healthy” food… good thing it’s Lent…


    1. But, Joe! Did you ask the doctor the really important question as in how many candy bars can you have and still maintain the current pre-diabetic numbers! Can’t recommend the Whole30 diet enough. We have been following it for almost three years and love it. It got us trying new foods and produce and you actually get over the cravings for sweets and such. AND, you beloved wife happens to know someone (as in moi!) who can point her to all the gluten-free options. The recipes in the book are really good and have become family favorites.


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