On the Other Side of the Cutting Edge!

We seem to have lucked out on having to go gluten-free for my husband’s diet. I had some friends, years earlier, that had to avoid gluten and there just wasn’t a lot out there at reasonable prices. We seem to have started at the right time and there are always recipes and ideas coming up to turn gluten-free meals back to the ‘ordinary’.

One of the favorite meals around here is pre-payday ravioli. Translation: We find whatever meat is in the freezer (you don’t need much!) and mix it up with vegetables, cheese, seasoning . . . the imagination can run wild here . . . and stuff it into ravioli. AND, we now have a reliable recipe for making the pasta portion – gluten-free.

The one featured here was a Friday meal and filled with chopped spinach, caramelized onions, eggs, and cheese.

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