In Control of the Animal Kingdom!

Fresh is our semi-outdoor cat by her choice. She can be a little bit feral also as the mood takes her. She enjoys her time in the house because the dogs can see her through the slider and can bark all they want. She doesn’t waste her precious cat thoughts on our other cats, either, but is aware of them at all times.

Yes, Buster, I KNEW you were there. Want to see my claws?
Yes, Buster, I KNEW you were there. Want to see my claws?

2 thoughts on “In Control of the Animal Kingdom!

  1. There is always a feral black cat in my back yard.  I am sure this is not the same cat but offspring.  Every hispanic visitor freaks out when they see it and even more so when I am nonchalant about it.  Oh well!


    1. We even have a picture of the father of our cat Marcella! Marcella’s mother was long-haired grey/white/black stripped. She has three kittens, grey, orange-striped, and Marcella who is black with white paws BUT when you look in the sunlight, she has striped under her fur coat. The papa cat as a huge, orange striped cat and the orange kitten grew up much the same. Given Buster’s size, he is probably a relative, too. I’ll check with to be sure, of course!


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