Higher Education, Lower Expectations?

Just when you thought the weather had a chance of changing, the snowflakes are back! Administrators at over thirty colleges and universities have made statements opposing President Trump’s executive order on immigration. Some of the schools are offering counseling and mental health services for the students unable to deal with reality. I bet another load of coloring books are on order and the hot cocoa wagon is just around the corner.

Makes one wonder what happened to the halls of higher learning where one could argue their side of a situation, exchange ideas, perhaps, even yell a bit and no one puddled up into a trampled snowflake because someone disagreed with them. Back in the days when you started growing up in college, if you disagreed, you researched your side and came back with a good, solid, basis for what you thought . . . or shut up when you discovered you were wrong and learned something in the process.

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