Our House Cow

Now, you might be amazed to know that we are harboring a house cow on our premises these days. Frankly, I’m not sure how the zoning laws would apply so the less said, the better right? I will admit that we were taken in at first as he is pretty small for a cow and after almost two years hasn’t grown substantially.

We discovered the hidden fact when my husband had been cutting grass and tracked some into the house. Well, what we thought was a cat turned out to be a grass-starved cow! Since he discovered that grass comes from outside the big door in the hallway, known as the entrance to the rest of us, he breaks out into pathetic ‘moos’ whenever one of us goes outside and forgets to bring in a handful of grass to satisfy his craving. His piteous ‘moooomewows’ are heartbreaking and usually send us right back out to procure the needed addition to his diet.

He has a few other requirements. Don’t just toss down a few blades of grass onto the kitchen floor. He won’t eat them. Don’t forget to wash the grass. He won’t eat them. He wants a paper plate and nice, damp grass and usually leaves us along the rest of the day . . . unless we venture out the front door for the mundane purposes of bringing in the mail, putting the trash cans away, or watering the lawn.



2 thoughts on “Our House Cow

  1. Good idea to wash the grass – it can harbor amoebas, which will make kitty VERY sick.

    Dogs and cats will do this when they feel ill… let them have their fill and they’ll eventually get over what ails ’em… just make sure they get outside RIGHT AWAY when the “time” comes…


    1. The strange thing is that Buster Kitten (he weighs in at 16 pounds!) isn’t the least bit sick or off his food or anything. He just WANTS grass. We are thinking that he was on his own for about three days before we took him in (or were taken in!)and must have subsisted on grass developing a taste for it. We figure we should just grow a flat of grass for him in the summer and bring it in every afternoon for his pleasure!


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