Sunny California . . . on Vacation!

Miracles of miracles . . . California finally got days of cold, rain, and even a couple of hail storms. The cats wanted to go out and check this out and the dogs wanted to come in yet neither group were allowed to be happy on this!

I did figure out something during all the driving I had to do during the storms. Half the California drivers don’t know how to drive in a rain storm . . . the other half only think they do.

2 thoughts on “Sunny California . . . on Vacation!

  1. HAHA!!

    Dead right on the drivers… although Monday, coming back down the 15, I was actually surprised to see that people were holding down the speed and using turn signals! Maybe there IS some hope for the human race… or maybe I just lucked out and got into a group of brain-gifted drivers.


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