A Very Sad Commentary!

The real contradiction in this recent event is that they proposed it to give every woman a place to represent . . . except if you disagreed with them. Students for Life were in attendance and verbally abused and one, pregnant woman was actually shoved into the street by three of the ‘peaceful’ demonstrators for the Women’s March. Tolerance is a one-way street for these women.

We had a very learned pastor, years ago, who said that a woman who abuses her child is not a mother. How can a woman abort one child then give birth to another when it is convenient to her?

2 thoughts on “A Very Sad Commentary!

  1. Again – clouding of the mind and soul by the demons of Lucifer. Our Lord’s promise of the ultimate triumph of good over evil will be manifest. I hope we get to see it so we can go into our next life with some hope.


  2. True.  Complaining about Trump braggodocio and in protest wearing Pussy hats and carrying signs of vaginas tells me these women just want to attract attention to themselves.


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