Praying for the Inauguration

Unprecedented threat level for Trump Inauguration – Headlines like that are disgusting especially since it is fueled by leftist organizations/people/Hollywood, etc. Don’t they understand ‘united we stand, divided we fall’ or are snowflake brains the first to melt when exposed to common sense?

So, tell me . . .Do you remember the riots that ensued the night obama was first elected president? What about the senseless destruction of public and private property as the conservative factions vented their anger at losing the election? Remember how conservatives/Republicans crashed the many parties and balls organized to celebrate obama’s first and second election? What about all the bomb threats that came pouring in and the instructions all over Facebook on how to destroy an elected president’s victory?

You can’t recall this because none of that happened after two Democratic wins to the White House. Sure, many of us were sad and worried with good reason but the elections had been fair (mostly!) and it was a done deal . . . until the next election period. Republicans didn’t buy people to riot or provide transportation to potential attack sites. Nope, they congratulated the new president even while planning a comeback . . . which happened last November.

The election sure highlighted how low the nation had sunk with the me, me, me, selfie world it had become. It showed up how truly skewed the educational system is when instead of telling students to grow up, they provided the distraught students with hot cocoa and coloring books and excused them from exams.

All the politicians in office, Democrat and Republican are there because they were voted into office by ‘we, the people’. ‘We the People’ spoke and one of those political parties and, unfortunately, some of the Republican party decided that it was ‘their way or no way’ which is why tax payer money will be poured into protecting the inauguration of the new president from American citizens. Something is very wrong with that picture.

We’ve evolved into a country where no feelings should ever be hurt and everyone gets a trophy even if they call in sick the day of the competition. President-Elect Trump has upset that mental apple cart and liberal tolerance has flown along with their mental faculties. The poor babies didn’t realize that tolerance means toward everyone and how to suck it up when they lose.

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