Gluten-Free Bread – Success!

You can make good gluten-free bread but you still know that it isn’t quite the same although tasty. I’ve tried a variety of recipes and they were all edible and helped sooth the sighs of not having real bread anymore.

A few weeks ago, I saw a sale on a boxed gluten-free bread that claimed to be very much like the real thing. It looked good on the box picture and I liked the fact that it contained a variety of seeds to add protein and fiber. I purchased a few boxes and it was extremely close to the real deal. However, it is imported from Australia and pricey.

Now, I already have a go-to recipe for white bread that works well for us but wondered what the boxed mix had that gave the bread a good ‘crumb’, crust, and a chewy texture. It LOOKED like bread structure when you brown a roll open. I used to bake bread every week for the family so know what a good bit of bread looks like. I had an inspiration! To go with soups and stews, I often make Brazilian Cheese Bread which is gluten-free because it uses tapioca starch instead of flour. I always thought the cheese was giving the bread that chewy texture. I checked out the ingredients on the boxed mix and . . . a good amount of tapioca starch was in the ingredients. I evolved my own recipe and it worked perfectly and smelled like the good old gluten days.

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