New Year Renewal

Although we have been on the Whole30 eating program for going on five years now, we did allow ourselves a bit of a break in that we enjoyed some cheese and one bout of banana cream pie over the holiday. Did we enjoy the taste? Very much so! Did I make us feel good. Sadly, no. We have gotten accustomed to eating right so long that our bodies immediately know when we deviate off the straight and narrow. New Year, new resolves!

And, to make the renewed enforcement of our diet even more palatable, Whole30 came out with a compliant cookbook recently which I have put to good use. Nothing like very tasty food that is good for you, too. Asian beef soup with zoodles was on the menu last night. Since we don’t eat gluten (my husband is super sensitive to it), pasta is out so zoodles gives us an interesting choice. Zoodles are spiralized zucchini! We found an attachment for my standing mixer in the after-holiday sales and we often incorporate them into meals.

We had a good start to our New Year and hope to keep it that way getting back to our Whole30 eating habits.

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