Flour Tortillas . . . With No Flour

We were blessed in that when we discovered my husband had gluten intolerance, we got in when things were really beginning to advance is recipes and ingredients for the gluten-free diet. Although I have tried a variety of gluten-free ‘flours’ over the year, including mixing my own, I always come back to BetterBatter for most of my baking needs. Besides providing a good product, they have a huge lineup of recipes on their sales site and the ‘flour’ adapts to many recipes.

Pulled pork was on the menu the other night. I had vegetables but needed something to replace the usual bread buns we used to like so checked for a BetterBatter recipe for flour tortillas. From the picture, you can see I was successful. My daughter doesn’t have a problem with gluten but prefers the gluten-free tortillas to the regular ones which is why I always remember to make a double batch!

Anyone working with having to go gluten-free or just curious, here is their link:


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