2 thoughts on “The Center of the Catholic Church

  1. Apparently, only Satanists and communists believe in the Divine Presence these days – given that consecrated hosts, chalices, and monstrances are what they lust after for their sordid rituals. Certainly don’t see that from “Catholics” who receive Communion in the hands, or the wannabe priest laity that hands out Communion.



    1. I got this reply to an over 80 year old I shared the article with on the Pope’s lack of clarity re. the Eucharist and who can receive.

      I have never agreed with your hard line stand against the Church’s authority. There are still Bishops who have not gone with St. John 23rd stressing a loving and forgiving God instead of the “hell,fire and damnation” authoritarian church prior to Vatican 2. Yes, there have been abuses by some priests misinterpreting what came out of Vatican 2. but I would rather go with Pope Francis who believes and teaches compassion and mercy and NON-JUDGMENTAL leadership (when required). Our Holy Father, Pope Francis needs our prayers, not your condemnation. I won’t question your worthiness to receive the Sacraments but you do not sound like a Roman Catholic to me..
      Please do not respond to my letter as I am not interested in your opinions.


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