Attention Walmart Shoppers!

On the way out of the store, this afternoon, the man checking our purchases against our recipe cautioned us with, “After today, no more returns will be honored without a receipt.” He said that the company has been losing money because people come in the store, steal items, and then come back later to get a ‘refund’. I always wondered about how easy it was to get a refund on purchases and I guess a lot of unsavory people decided to take advantage of this kindness big time.

Seems Walmart might consider having an optional membership card that would only be for checking out purchases. It would keep track of purchases we made and if we needed to get a refund or exchange, the records would show that we actually did buy the item stated. Many of the grocery stores do this and it comes in handy if there is a question about a bygone purchase. Costco has this sort of thing in place and you don’t need to prove you purchased the item you might be exchanging . . . Costco already knows!

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