Banning Convenience for Little Return to the Consumer!

I’m not a fan of the recent plastic bag ban. I find the wording odd – plastic bag ban? They didn’t BAN the bags so much as use them for another source of revenue for the store and/or probably the State. Who knows, right?

Anyway, they didn’t BAN the bags but are now charging us for using them. Seems if the ecological reasons for the bag BAN were that serious, shouldn’t all the bags be banned from merchandise and grocery outlets? I’ve been observing and already people are just sighing and laying down ten cents a bag instead of questioning the real value of the new law. From where I stand, I don’t see any serious increase in the use of reusable totes. Who is benefiting from this change? Even if the stores don’t keep the money from the bags, I don’t think they will be out much. Bags are a necessity of life in stores for decades so you can bet that the cost of your groceries takes in the use of grocery bags. Well, now, it is ten cents a bag but I don’t think we will see any decreases in our shopping bills. Just wait until they start charging for the fruit and vegetable bags, too!

Knowing that this proposal was on the horizon, we started reassessing our shopping habits. We now have a grocery carrier in the trunk of our car. We turn down the bags and just dump our groceries in the cart and then into our storage
carrier. I think it is easier than bringing in our own bags and trying to bag them ourselves while taking care of the check writing at at the same time. We also noticed that there are several on-line grocery sites like Jet, Walmart, and Amazon where we can actually get some of our favorite canned, bagged items for less and delivered to the door. No one has banned cardboard boxes yet!

Even with Costco having just about everything we need, there will still be milk runs to the regular grocery stores but our rule is if we can’t carry it out, we probably don’t need it. So, in spite of ourselves, we might be contributing to the environmental ’cause’ but, at the same time, we aren’t frequenting the regular grocery stores as regularly. Over the years, many a clerk at said stores has had some words to say in complaint about those ‘big box’ stores. Hey, at least they give us a box for our groceries!

2 thoughts on “Banning Convenience for Little Return to the Consumer!

  1. They DID ban the single-use bags. The communist enviro-goons and their clueless, knee-jerk minions have affected lives and jobs again, leaving economic destruction in their wake. If people just weren’t slobs, nobody would have raised the issue in the first place. Remember when every gutter and beach was an ashtray and cigarette butt receptacle? Ever look at chainlink fences after a windstorm? These are two reasons the control freaks won.


    1. Just to show you the lack of comprehension on the part of the masses, there were two items on the recent ballot: One for banning the single-use bags and another one to have any money revenue earned from ‘selling’ the bags at check out to go to some environmental fund. The sheep of California went for the ban but voted against it possibly going for something productive. Now I know why they closed the mental facilities – massive overcrowding! 😦


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