End of the Long Weekend . . .

End of the long weekend and before we can even turn around, Thanksgiving is coming up all too soon. My ever-present spiral notebook is at hand for jotting down notes, groceries lists, and unseen corners of the house that will be cleaned whether guests will see them or not. The first thing I might consider getting on the grocery list is a turkey!

We splurged a bit on treats this weekend as the schedule was out not followed as usual and we often got home from shopping or just browsing too late to go into full meal preparation mode.

One of my treats for the weekend was potato chips. However, my version of potato chips is about 60% less fat but still as crispy and crunchy as any bagged portion. I don’t have the smoke of fried oil hanging in the air and it takes me about two minutes to clean up and then enjoy my chips. It just takes me, a couple of medium potatoes, a can of vegetable oil spray, parchment paper, salt, pepper, and a microwave. The only hard part is slicing the potatoes as thin as possible but some food processors can do that. If they are cut a bit too thick, you can still get a chip-like snack.

Once I have my potatoes sliced, I lay them out on sheets of parchment paper that will fill in the microwave. I give the whole sheet of them a quick spray of the vegetable oil spray, dust with salt, pepper and microwave about 5 and a half minutes. The timing is dependent on your own microwave so go four minutes and increase until you get some golden chips. Before I put mine in the microwave for baking, I like to sprinkle them with some Parmesan. There are other options, too. There is smoked salt, chili powder, etc.

What amazed me about making my own chips was the cost savings. Imagine, two medium potatoes makes the equivalent of a large bag of store brands . . . for a lot less money, salt, and fat.

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