The World is Already Being Destroyed!

I know there are voters who emote instead of think but to actually speak with one today was still shocking to my conservative BUT informed system. There is a cashier at one of the stores we shop who we have gotten to know a bit over the years. He is adamantly Catholic and supposedly Republican . . . except this election. He is voting for Hillary. I said that she is strongly in favor of abortion at any stage and plans to increase taxpayer support of it. He said that he is more afraid of a nuclear holocaust under a Trump administration than abortion. I’m thinking to myself that he actually said he would sacrifice the sure death of the unborn babies on the off chance that Hillary, herself, won’t do anything stupid. He says he doesn’t want to see the end of the world and unborn seemingly, in his view, are an election byproduct that doesn’t matter all that much. I mentioned that Hillary had been rather free with top secret information and he said that doesn’t matter in the long run. I wonder if he had even stopped to think of the stupidity of his stance. He thinks there is a strong chance of Trump exploding the world and destroying generations of people. Worldwide, since 1973, over one point two billion babies have been aborted. Sounds like a generation or two has already been destroyed.

It is sad. The gentlemen is a very prayerful Catholic but is dipping into the heresy of liberalism because he is afraid rather than voting for life and trusting in God.

4 thoughts on “The World is Already Being Destroyed!

  1. Yes, one of my friends has the same stance.  They don’t recognize that H has proven she will do anything for the almighty dollar and they foolishly would trust her to not sell our country.  They are so uninformed. M


    1. It is so frustrating how blind these people are to common sense. Hillary has so much scum on her persona that is very obvious yet people still plan to vote for her. Like the guy I talked to, today. He’d rather be guided by his very misguided opinions than consult with reality and the Church on this. You vote for an adamant pro-abort candidate, you share in every cruelly murdered baby’s death from the second you cast the vote.


  2. Over a quarter of a MILLION?

    Typo – I think that’s BILLION… I know that in the U.S. alone it’s 56 million since 1973… and China and Russia have never been affected by Roe vs. Wade. As a surgical “procedure” – this genocide has wiped out at least 12% of the world’s population since the end of WWII, by my calculation.


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