Christmas Shoe Boxes are Ready to Go!

I had my ‘charitable’ afternoon yesterday. I got the shoe boxes packed, sealed and ready to be dropped off in November. I had enough time to get eleven Rosaries made, and packed some items to send to the people we help through Unbound. I still owe all five of them letters but I think a surprise treat will earn me some forgiveness for being late.

My daughter even got interested in the Samaritan’s Purse annual shoe box drive this year and had a great time finding the perfect items to put into her box. She is already planning her shoe box for next year.

There is still time to brighten some child’s Christmas with probably the first real Christmas they have had. Just google Samaritan’s Purse – Christmas Shoe Box Collection and you will find a multitude of information. The cost is seven dollars per shoe box you send which helps the organization offset the steep costs of shipping them overseas.

Interested in ‘adopting’ a child or elder overseas, Unbound is the link to check out. We have been doing this for 15 years and it has made a real difference in our lives. You don’t just send support donations to a vast group of people but actually ‘adopt’ the child or elder of your choice and through letters and pictures develop an amazing friendship with the child/elder and their family. If you go on-line, you can see the pictures of the children or elders who are in need of a sponsor. Charity does start at home but, sometimes, charity needs an airmail stamp and a prayer!

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