Cardinal Dolan States the Facts!

“If the baby in the womb can be sucked out and left dead, with healthcare workers coerced to perform the hideous procedure and all of us forced to pay for it; if the physically challenged and mentally depressed can pay their doctor to put them to death; …Am I wrong to wonder especially about the toxic effect that the unlimited abortion license has had on the Republic founded on self-evident truths, and the right to life? When what should be nature’s safest sanctuary, the mother’s womb, becomes the most perilous place for the most innocent and fragile life, should we be shocked when any life deemed “in the way” is in hunting season?”

2 thoughts on “Cardinal Dolan States the Facts!

  1. WE know and understand this – but there are SO many who don’t – and WON’T.

    You just can’t talk sense into these horrible people. Selfish lawyers and “healthcare” providers, NWO agendists, and Planned Parenthood eugenicists are Satan’s sorry acolytes. I pray they come to their senses, but where is the justice for the 56 million murdered? 


    1. Just listening to hillary talk about the subject, you know she has no idea or real feelings about the fact that it IS a baby. You have to wonder about how their poor daughter spent her childhood as I don’t imagine hillary as much of a mother.


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