Samaritan’s Purse Shoe Box Collection!

I discovered this last year and it was so much fun to fill a shoe box with surprises for a boy and a girl in the Philippines. No, you can chose the country but they do tell you once they have been delivered for Christmas.

It is simple! Buy a plastic shoe box with a lid at Walmart or Hobby Lobby and then fill it up! It is amazing what you can cram into the box and how much happiness this effort will bring to a child who might not be expecting anything for Christmas. The link tells you all you need but time is of the essence as the drop-off week for the packed shoe boxes will soon be upon us.

I tried to include one really useful item like a fun tee shirt or a hat along with small games, little doll, gum, lip balm, mints . . . Use your imagination. I purchased my boxes at the onset of my shopping spree and that way I could figure out what would pack well and fit in with the box.

As I said, go to the Samaritan’s Purse link (top of the post Operation Christmas Child) for full in formation. There is a small cost involved to help with shipping and you have to find a drop-off place near you. I can guarantee this will be the most gratefully received Christmas gift you have ever given.

4 thoughts on “Samaritan’s Purse Shoe Box Collection!

  1. We also discovered this last year, quite by accident, at our local county fair. Unfortunately, I barely had enough $$ to buy gifts for our own family but now that I have a little $$ coming in, I’m going to do this with my daughter. Thanks for the great reminder!


    1. Know what you mean. We had some tight spots over the years but when we realized that this box would be the first real Christmas present a child every had, we decided to downsize our own gift giving to manage. Besides, with dollar stores and Walmart, you can find a lot of great things for lower prices. I also added a box of colorful Band-Aid, gum, and mints. No chocolate as it could be going to a tropical climate. I’ve seen some pictures of the children getting their boxes and you realize how much we take for granted. I imagine you are filling one for a little girl!


      1. Depending on how much it costs to fill a box, I would like to work up to doing 4 of them in honor of my 4 children. We will see, though…I have a feeling we will have shoe box overload so may be able to fill more than 1 quite easily! 😉


      2. It is amazing how quickly and fun these boxes are to fill. I found some plastic shoe boxes with lids at Home Depot. Walmart usually has them but, for some obscure reason only known to Walmart, only had lids today? Also, don’t know if they are on sale your way but I found two light, cut dresses for my two girl boxes for under seven dollars. That will be my special item. Gum was on sale for $1.98 so you could conceivably divide it between boxes. Wrap them packages of gum in a ziploc bag to cut down the scent!


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