Countdown to Election Day

It wasn’t that long ago when the Republican presidential hopefuls harassed Trump until he finally signed the pledge to support whoever became the Republican candidate. And, within a reasonable amount of time, Donald Trump did just that. It seems, however, that almost every other presidential candidate must have had an extra passage on the pledge they signed that said, “But not if it is Donald Trump”.

Every day the opposition forces in this election aka Hillary and her entitled, attack the least thing that Trump utters. They dig up dirt on him from deep in the past while hiring minions to try and hide their own dirty deeds over the years. And with every stone she verbally throws at Trump over ancient history, more and more Republican politicians step back their support of Mr. Trump and malign him in the press.

Both political parties are supposed to keep in mind that we are a country for the people and by the people. Regardless of feelings, the majority of the country spoke and Donald Trump is our nominee. As soon as this became fact, the Republican party seemed to forget who is supposed to have the last word in the country. Instead of tearing down the only candidate they have in the race, you would think they would circle the wagons and work with Trump and work together to prevent another four years of obama-like governing with the added poison of Clinton’s self-serving agendas. It isn’t even of brain scientist proportions. Clinton is very clear that she will use her hoped for Executive Orders to take down freedom and overtax the nation. The Republican Establishment, however, is still smarting by the fact that someone outside their sacred circle pulled out in front and is speaking of many reasonable things the Republicans have failed to offer or defend even with having had majorities voted in during the last eight years.

The months before the election have counted down to days now. You have to wonder about the mind set of these politicians mouthing off about the Republican Party having the answers to the country’s problems if only they could get a real candidate into place. Some have even told people to write in Mr. Pence’s name instead of voting for his running mate. Votes and opinions are scattered by the people who should be supporting Donald Trump. Instead of constantly hitting the media with their disdain, fear, jealously, whatever of Mr. Trump perhaps they should spend more time supporting the candidate and publicizing the facts on Hillary Clinton that could bring down the country. The Hillary History should be required reading for all Republicans.

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