Lots of Stones Cast By The ‘Sinless’ Democrats!

Certainly, I do not condone Donald Trum’ps behavior of eleven years ago . . . but, it was ELEVEN years ago! Everyone in this world has a past they’d rather not revisit and most, having grown up, have changed. It seems to me that the Hillary faction spends a lot of time digging up dirt on the competition than really and truly running as president. It has been turned into a mud slinging party without explaining to the American people exactly how they will save the country. Well, on the side of the Democrats, the proposed policies of Hillary don’t seem to be beneficial to our lives as we know them today. If six billion managed to go missing during her tenure in the State Department, you have to wonder what life would be like under a Hillary Clinton Administration.

It would be interesting and refreshing to have an unbiased media covering this election, reporting the truth instead of writing cheap novels and calling them news. It might educate a lot of voters if they did their research on both candidates and reported it truthfully. Have you noticed the news segments that manage to surface about Hillary’s lies and deceptions tends to be a short flash in the pan while Trump speaks out of turn and they to immortalize this infraction forever and ever.

The most contact I have with other voters are Catholic voters. Many of them are ardent fans of Clinton. Arguing with them is useless and their screaming in indignation if I disagree is unpleasant and best to be avoided. It it obvious that they are not voting in line with God but basing their vote on their personal opinion without putting God into the equation.

Yes, there are a lot of ins and outs on this election and, in many ways, a nightmare to be sure. However, as a Catholic, Hillary loses all the points for me on one major issue . . . the unborn which she says have absolutely no rights as a citizen until they are born . . . and then, given the world that could be iffy. Now you can’t say this isn’t common knowledge as she spoke energetically from Planned Parenthood early on in the campaign complimenting them on their work. I guess she is happy with baby dismemberment and the sale of ‘spare’ parts. She wants to take away many Constitutional rights because she knows she is backed by uninformed voters and a warped media. She speaks little. or that I have heard, on the plight of the Veterans. The rate of suicide is 50% higher among veterans than the civilian population. We have all heard the desperate situation with care in the veterans hospitals. Yet, rather than focus time and money on this American tragedy, Hillary vows to bring in something like 500,000 ‘refugees’ every year of her term. We don’t seem to have enough jobs for citizens . . . but she seems to feel that citizens who pay taxes are not of primary concern.

Yes, this is an ‘interesting’ election and not one anyone could have ever dreamed of taking place. In the face of obvious good/bad differences, the media (as usual) is promoting and protecting the candidate with the worst political record. Besides, it is always more fun to destroy a candidate than use one’s journalistic talents to fairly report an election. The Good Lord help us all!

2 thoughts on “Lots of Stones Cast By The ‘Sinless’ Democrats!

  1. I agree, the media has made much more of this than we the voters.And I too am flabbergasted at Catholics who support Clinton and their lack of interest in researching the issues, just vote the party.


    1. Actually, if a Catholic IS actively living their Faith, they would know this. And, given the platform of the democratic party, it has been a long time since we can vote for that party. There are way too many even at our parish voting for the woman. What? They support prolife unless it messes up their personal choice to vote based on THEIR feelings? What about God’s feelings on the subject? I love the ones who are voting for ‘history’, the first woman president. That sure worked out well for our last historical election, didn’t it?


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