Where Have All the Brains All Gone?

I salesman came to the door and, in the middle of his spiel, mentioned Trump. I asked if he was a Trump supporter and he said no and wished Bernie was still running as he was the best of the Trump/Hillary choice. He said he admired Trump’s business acumen but he was a bigot and a loose canon. I nicely asked if he thought Hillary was more qualified and he said, “No, but she would have Bill Clinton to guide her.

Thinking to see how uninformed this guy was, I asked if he was an abortion supporter. He very definitely declared that he was NOT. I said that Hillary is strongly backed by Planned Parenthood and said she would see that they get increased funding. The guy shrugged and said, “Hey, we end up paying for abortion one way or the other so that shouldn’t be a basis for voting. Besides, it’s legal.

I told him I had to take my daughter to work. He asked if I wanted him to leave an estimate in the door for redoing our windows. Uh . . . NO!

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