Thoughts on Voting 2016

Seems like a simple question. I know more than a few Catholics/Christians who are planning on voting for the ex-Secretary of State. Guess they don’t mind participating in the slaughter of the unborn by ‘proxy’. You vote for Hillary, she has already promised to more than fund Planned Parenthood.

Not worried about the ‘refugee’ invasion in Europe. Obviously a drive-by media aficionado otherwise you would know that European countries are suffering greatly with the masses of ‘refugees’ inflicted on them. Obama has already brought in many of them to the United States and Hillary wants to bring in untold numbers. We are having more and more attacks the media tries to soft-pedal. You don’t inform yourself, you could very well end up as victim of a horrible news report. It’s not just in Europe anymore.

Meanwhile, we are being distracted by police killings, exaggeration of whether it is black on white, white on black, or black on black crime with the news only reporting fully on what supports the democratic agenda.

We all have responsibilities as citizens and human beings. Might be time for more research before blame, to stop condoning the riots and believing they are protests, and find out what we are voting for before we have to live with the results. Liars and cheats don’t live any differently once they get into the Oval Office.

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