Future of Faith?

The election is coming up all too soon and is the country prepared for it? I listen to each candidate and wonder at the thought processes of the voters. As usual, we avoid our immediate family during election season because in spite of being Catholics, they do not vote Catholic. I find it useless to present them with facts as they only listen to what is coming from their own mouth.

Many people don’t think their one vote will matter all that much but when you have millions feeling that way, the tide turns either to the hope for a better outcome or more and worse of the same we have had over the last eight years. I knew so many economics majors in college and have to wonder how on earth they managed to translate fact into fiction and figure out how to make one plus one equal three and get applauded for it. Anyone with an income and who balances a checkbook knows that you can’t spend what you don’t have and has to put priorities before wants. Unfortunately, we have elected officials who either have personal agendas or are bought in order to present personal agendas to the detriment of the country.

Too many Catholics/Christians vote without research and believe the party line and forget to see exactly what kind of platform they are supporting beyond the party line. Now is the time to really search our hearts and souls before entering the voting booth and make sure that we are right with God on Judgment Day when He asks us how we came to our pivotal vote in 2016. Seriously, the results of this election could eventually decide if we will have the freedom of attending a church of our choice and worship according to God’s Laws.


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