Being Terrified or Not?

I find the liberal media (which is just about every source of national news these days!), horridly fascinating. For them, it is not news when a Democrat says something absolutely wrong or nasty about another candidate but the good Lord help a Republican that speaks his or her mind in a sane, factual manner.

Can one imagine what would have happened if Donald Trump had called all the Hillary supporters names clearly indicating that he had nothing but contempt for anyone who, basically, didn’t support him? It would be world news and probably even reach alien outreaches in outer space and be replayed over and over and over again. A fact-checking, unbiased media would have, first, gone to the source, verified the verbiage, gotten the exact quote and gone from there . . . You know, like a real journalist. Instead, Hillary insults a wide margin of voters and, I guess, seems to think that will turn them around to her view in the upcoming election. It has to strain her brain cells to see that the Republican voters on the Trump Train turned her mean-spirited, careless words into a slogan for the right and embraced the difference as a much better option than being an uniformed, lemming follower of the left.

I guess my favorite latest and greatest from the Hillary camp is her denouncing Trump for calling the explosions in New York and New Jersey a bomb before it was verified to be a bomb. Seems to me that if someone hears that over 20 people were injured in an explosion on a street in New York where explosions don’t usually happen and say that it seems to them that it was a bomb, that person is well within their right to say so. It doesn’t change the situation whether it turned out to be a bomb or not as it sounded like a bomb. Guess what, it turned out to BE a bomb.

I’m also tired of politicians assuring us that until the facts are totally in, most every event of the past few months aren’t necessarily of a terrorist nature. Of course, within a few days, they are all deemed to have some terrorist roots. I wonder if all the people killed of those wounded would feel better knowing that it wasn’t a terrorist killer but just one of the ‘usual’ rampaging murderers? Besides, if there is a mass attack, it terrifies people so wouldn’t any attack be labeled a terrorist attack and the extra adjectives of ‘ISIS” or “Radical” added when verified?

And the current ploy to claim that some of these ‘terrorists’ are people with mental disorders or not part of the whole is ridiculous. Wouldn’t you think that anyone who murders and maims for the sake of just doing it, be certifiable? That shouldn’t give them an out. And I just heard on the news that the president wants to bring in over one hundred thousand more of the potential radicals into the country with a huge sum of money coming from the taxpayers’ coffers for their upkeep and welfare payments. Hard to respect someone who puts strangers ahead of the needy in our country. Someone who allows our veterans to suffer unduly and often live on the streets. A person who finds more and more ways to undermine the glory of the United States and destroy the potential of our future.

One thought on “Being Terrified or Not?

  1. Speaking of honesty and thoroughness in the media… here’s a couple of articles I archived about “selective reporting” that put the whole public information apparatus in focus (attached).


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