Deplorable Me?

Interesting . . . Hillary Clinton recently lashed out against voters rather than keeping her remarks aimed at her rival, Donald Trump. I don’t know about anyone else but I’m a voter not a candidate and for her to basically call me names doesn’t seem wise. Donald Trump gets his one vote whereas the population she directed her barb to reflects a lot of voters. I would imagine quite a few of them might have been on the fence about their vote but if they are thinking, informed voters, this slam against citizens might have had them jumping over that fence onto the Trump Train. I don’t like being called ‘deplorable’ but in this context via Miz Clinton, it could actually be a compliment as she means it to be ‘those people who don’t think like we do’? Got that right, lady!

I do realize, however, that even throwing mud at the people with a voting ballot in hand, won’t change all the votes to a more realistic, viable candidate. I know too many people who are doing the ‘see no evil, hear no evil, say no evil’ only, if they would open their minds, they would see they are actually avoiding admitting the evil. My husband and I are the only conservatives in our families . . . enough said, right?

One thought on “Deplorable Me?

  1. Happy to be considered deplorable, regressive, anti-revolutionary, anti-communist, and ignorant. Any label is better than being a party to the blindness of atheism and totalitarianism.I have my own labels for “the other side” – but I won’t use them in this family forum.


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