Book Find to Recommend

After years of dusting The Story of a Soul by St. Therese, I finally put the book on my daily reading/study list and was immediately hooked. Reading the book had a further bonus as St. Therese mentioned a book she said changed her life. Well, the book is still in print and age has not changed the message for today’s world. I’m only a few pages in and housework could be seriously neglected until I finish the book.

It is called “The End of the Present World and the Mysteries of the Future Live” by
Father Charles Arminjon. I found my copy of Amazon and the price was extremely reasonable for a brand new, paperback copy.

2 thoughts on “Book Find to Recommend

    1. It really puts the end times theories into perspective. Yes, we are probably in the end times but God’s time is not our concept of time and, basically, we ain’t seen nothing yet. We have yet to feel the fear and horror of the finals day which are probably not happening in our generation . . . or maybe they are but ‘we will not not the time or the place’. God’s pretty clear on this!


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