Nothing is Hopeless With Prayer

Let’s face it, the world isn’t getting better any time soon and if you have to wonder why, perhaps, you have forgotten to employ your God-given gift of prayer. Just a look around is evidence enough that prayer isn’t always foremost in many minds. The disrespect of each other, the law breakers, the selfie world of me, me, me, the attack on family and life, Christian persecution in our own country, the government intervention to the demise of personal liberty . . . We truly have an abundance of evidence pointing to a lack of God and prayer in our lives yet many are complacent and think they can’t make a difference. BUT, have you tried? Do you wonder from where your blessing in life have come? I often hear people complain about elected officials and even their pastors and bishops but they never consider that perhaps we get what we pray for . . . or neglect to add as an intercession to our prayers.

I just ran across two prayers to help stop the influx of terrorism. For those that believe, can you even begin to imagine the strength and power of millions praying for peace daily? Try it. Everything starts with one person beginning.

You can help stop terrorism from happening again.

HOW? By praying two simple prayers for the rest of your life. First, our loving God has given every person a guardian angel to help protect them and guide them. Ask your angel to go before the Throne of Almighty God and petition Him to send legions of Holy Angels to terrorists around the world and drive Satan and his fallen angels away from them.

SECOND, pray to God for the softening of hearts and conversion of souls of terrorists throughout the world. Pray for justice. If millions of people pray these two simple prayers daily, our world will change for the better.

Prayer One: My Guardian Angel, I send you to the throne of Almighty God. Please petition Him to send legions of Angels to terrorists throughout the world to drive Satan and his fallen angels out of their lives forever. Thank you my Holy Protector. Amen

Prayer Two: All loving God,I pray for the terrorists throughout the world. May they have a softening of their hearts and conversion of their soul to You. I pray for justice in myself and in all mankind. Thank you dear God. Amen

And, personally, I’d add a daily prayer to St. Michael to the program.


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