2 thoughts on “Standing Up . . . For What?

  1. Social conditioning. Communistic peer pressure.

    Pure Pavlovian knee-jerk reaction herd mentality. Sadly, so many of our peers are afflicted thus. Witness the working world where people can’t stand to be alone with their thoughts (or lack thereof), and have to have obnoxious noise and music around them all day.

    A library or solitary confinement would be hell for them. I like the quiet, myself. And I’m not good in crowds.



    1. Absolutely HATE loud music and related noise! You are right, however, if it gets quiet, they reach for the radio or start texting. Well, we can guess that room full of sheep are probably Democrats, right? Oh, and they have found that exposing babies to the ‘music’ of today isn’t good for their mental development. Go figure, huh?


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