Thinking About Something New . . .



P1010640Although Buster is our brave cat, he still takes time to check out anything new that shows up unexpectedly. Imagine his feline surprise to find a structure of sorts sitting in our living room. No, we don’t have enough furniture and stuff in our home but that my daughter felt the need to add an extra tall cat tree. As you can see, Buster Kitten carefully checked it out from all angles and deemed it livable.  He immediately took over the very top floor must to our other cat’s dismay. We now have a daily power struggle to see who remembers to lay claim to the top floor of this accommodation first. Although pictures tend to make one look heavier than in reality, in this case Buster IS a very large cat weighing in at 16 pounds 9 ounces. The funny thing is that he isn’t fat, doesn’t overeat, and seems to be solid muscle.

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