Fulton J. Sheen – Wisdom in Quotes

I don’t think Fulton J. Sheen ever wasted a word in his life. I’ve been reading some really excellent quotes from him this week and wanted to share. Just about all he says is so timeless as to be applicable to current times and feelings.

“At no time in modern history has it been easier to believe in God than now. It used to be that evil was considered a stumbling block to a belief in the Goodness of God, but today men are coming to a belief in the Goodness of God because of evil. They admit that evil today has taken on such proportions that it can be explained only by the infraction of a universal moral law that must have come from God. In a word, the modern man is coming to God by way of the devil.”

Fulton J. Sheen
Our Grounds for Hope
No Shadow Without Light

“The law of progress of hte Church is the reverse of the law of progress of the world. We are most progressive when we are most hated.”

Fulton J. Sheen
Our Grounds for Hope
The Church and Persecution

“In the heart of apparent failure, in the midst of darkest human fear, doors locked against enemies, God’s Power is mot clearly revealed. When the world’s predicament is most desperate, there is a breaking in of a new factor from the outside which completely changes the situation. When chaos and fear and the powers of darkness seem invincible, the Purpose of God moves on.”

Fulton J. Sheen
Our Grounds for Hope
When the Doors are Locked

2 thoughts on “Fulton J. Sheen – Wisdom in Quotes

    1. I remember his television show in black and white. Always looked forward to him changing blackboards while his angel cleaned it! I must have been five or six years old but we got to eat our dinner in
      order to watch him.


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