Free Will vs. God’s Law – How Will You Vote?

It seems so easy. We have Ten Commandments which are actually pretty basic, common sense requirements for holiness and living with each other. Simple, right? Doesn’t seem to work that way once you try and get human beings to take them as a whole and not cherry pick what they will or will not observe. The last two presidential elections proved that much to the detriment of the country and the souls of many people who put their interests over God’s Law. Oh, the ones I had the misfortune to talk to had it all figured out for purposes of easing their conscience. One woman claimed ignorance on questionable issues. Another one said that the economy of the country has to come first.

Catholic Answers provides a Voter’s Guide for Serious Catholics. It lists five, basic agendas that we, as Catholics cannot support and remain a Catholic in good standing. Yet, the last two elections were helped to the win with over 50% of the Catholic vote going to a candidate that didn’t support the things a good Catholic supposedly should support.

Another election cycle and I’ve already run into Catholics who are supporting the Democrat running. A quick review of the Guide showed the number one reason we shouldn’t vote for any one candidate is exactly what the Democratic candidate is supporting wholeheartedly – Abortion. One person told me that he didn’t care about those issues so much as getting the candidate he likes into office. And, if this election is anything like the last two, that unthinking group of lemmings plans to take the Catholic vote over the cliff again.

What uninformed or stubborn voters don’t seem to understand is how important a vote is in an election. It is not a nod to any one candidate for the moment and the excitement of your chosen candidate winning. It is the four years of governing that will affect every aspect of society. In this case, the Democratic candidate is an overly-avid supporter of taxpayer-funded Planned Parenthood and abortion at any time for any reason. To much applause she touts her efforts on behalf of mothers wanting to have their babies torn to bits and scraped from their bodies.

Another thought on the outcome of one’s vote is that once you vote in a ‘power’ that promotes sin of any kind. Don’t you share in any of the sinful consequences of that vote? Yes, we have God-given free will to make choices but once you lose sight of God’s Laws, you have put your views over obedience to God plunging you into the swamp of liberalism.

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