Ex-Catholic Religious Instruction!

Christine Horner, a self-described healed ex-Catholic has taken it upon herself to literally condemn the humble pronouncement at Mass by devout Catholics, “Lord, I am not worth to have You enter under my roof, but only say the word and my soul shall be healed.” I’m truly at a loss as to why an avowed ex-Catholic cares and how she can misconstrue the beauty of the statement.

Yes, “I am not worthy” is a form of humbleness in the face of the greatness of God. Believing there is a God, we know that we will never be God. We count our blessings at having been blessed as a part of His creation and bowing down before the greatness of God in humble adoration perpetuates our love and gratitude for our salvation. As human beings, we all know that we can never be an equal of God so we reaffirm our Faith and knowledge of this by saying we are not worthy but know that His Word will see to the state of our soul if we acknowledge our many shortcomings and ask for forgiveness.

Typical liberal approach in this article. Instead of revering the centuries of tradition and piety found in the Mass, the liberal decides to believe in God but when the slightest thing doesn’t compute in their human view of the world, they use their own ‘judgment’ and sort of create a pick and chose mentality to maintain their own pride and glory. How the author of this article finds resulting ‘blindness of patriarchal hierarchies and slavery’ to blame on whatever might be going on in the world today is a compromised stretch of the imagination.

Being humble and respectful to our Lord in praying, Lord, I am not worthy is the ‘root of all evil’? I hate to tell this woman that believing we are not worthy (and, as humans, we certainly have not reached the perfection of God) leaves us open to mistreatment of ourselves and others is a pretty warped view. If one is using the prayer to judge instead of seeking purification of the soul and a firm amendment to do better, the problem is not with the Church or the liturgy. The problem is with a person who might mouth the words, not mean the words, and then use them to cover up their deficiencies in belief and prayer.

The author believes and wishes to pursue a ‘world of love’ by basically taking God out of the equation. God seems to be patriarchal to her which does interfere with the feminist aversion of many women to a Faith that views God as our Father. How she can, however, trace all the woes of the world to this simple statement of love and a request for God’s healing is pretty far-fetched. God is love so downgrading a reverent act of humility and saying that love will cure it all kind of brings us right back to . . . God.

Always interesting to me how ex-Catholics find it so necessary to continue to criticize and try to change a faith they voluntarily left. Sounds like she is trying to change a religion she no longer believes in with a lot of ‘negative reinforcement’. Given the fact that the Catholic Church has been in existence since the time of Jesus, something must be going right with it. And, it is not the Church that lures people away from religion, today. It is the liberal agenda who downplays faith and supports the sins of the world in the name of modern ‘revelation’ and misplaced tolerance.

To blame the sins of the world on a simple statement of Faith is very tragic and untrue. I find renewing my faith in the power of God with bowing my head and acknowledging my human frailty more spiritually empowering than trying to figure out the mind set of a Disgruntled ex-Catholic.

I noticed she didn’t acknowledge that there is sin in the world because there can be evil if there is no basis upon which to increase and encourage good in the world. Jesus Christ exhibited the highest form of humility when He died on the Cross for us. He obeyed God the Father in order to open Heaven for us. Given this gift bestowed on Catholics of Faith, how can going to Communion with a grateful humbleness be the problem with the world today?

Christine Horner’s article Dear Pope Francis, End the Religious Ritual that Devalues Human Life appeared in The Huffington Post 07/14/2016

4 thoughts on “Ex-Catholic Religious Instruction!

  1. Anything relating to the Catholic Church in HuffPo is automatically tainted, in my opinion. They skew every story with a snide anti-clerical slant.


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