All Lives Matter

Seems the thugs targeting police on duty might step back and recall how Martin Luther King, Jr. fought and died so they could have a life of their choosing . . . and they choose to live a life of destroying and depriving families of husbands, fathers, brothers,mothers, daughters, and sons because they buy into the liberal agenda that works to make them victims rather than to uphold them as citizens. They targeted innocent people because they were white, no other viable reason. I wish they could tell me exactly when people were given a choice at birth which race they wanted to be. Basically, these murderers are terrorists who, instead of wanting to right the woes of the world, would rather spill blood and consider themselves a hero.

The Bible is pretty clear that you can’t approach the altar of God until you have asked your brother’s forgiveness. How can you ask forgiveness of a dead policeman?

One thought on “All Lives Matter

  1. This one guy had to be disturbed mentally.  But the Black Lives movement is being financed by outsiders and this incites the masses


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