Point to Ponder Following the DNC

I was reading Fundamentals of the Faith by Peter Kreeft and ran across this quote which explained a lot about politicians, in my humble opinion, and how sad such a mind set can ultimately be. Life isn’t forever and to spend it extolling the evils of the world in order to placate every special interest group and win votes seems more than pathetic.

“Anyone who has no faith in God, no hope in God, and no love of God cannot go to heaven because heaven would be hell to him. He could not endure or enjoy the presence of God after death anymore than he did before death.”

Fundamentals of the Faith
Chapter 28
by Peter Kreft

Musing on Today’s World – Fulton J.Sheen Has the Last Word and Hope

When, at one moment, I see a naked criminal on the gallows, forsaken by followers, rejected by the dominant spiritual forces of His time, condemn by the state whose name stands in all history as the synonym for human law; when three days later I hear an Angel say to a woman in search of a grave, “Why seek you the living with the dead?” (Luke 24:5); when I heard Him, as the divine Stranger on a roadway Easter afternoon, say to His companions: “ought not Christ to have suffered these thigns and so to enter into His glory?” (Luke 24:26; when I see Him, Who has been nailed, walking in the newness of life in the clouds of the morning — then I begin to understand that since evil could never do anything worse than crucify Goodness, it could never be truly victorious again. Conquered in its full armor and in the moment of its monumental momentum, evil might in the future Win some battles, but it would always lose the war. Evil is more powerful than goodness when the battlefield is the physical, as a Niagara Falls can sweep a good man to his destruction; nevertheless, goodness is more powerful than evil when the issue is spiritual, for as the mind of man can harness the destructive forces of a Niagara, so the Goodness of God can let evil do its mightiest, which is to crucify Divine Life and still conquer it by rising, not with Wounds but with glorious Scars on Hands and Feet and Side.

From that day on, all the darkness in the world cannot put out the light of a single candle. All the swords of earth cannot kill the life of a single immortal soul. All the evil in the universe cannot black out the fixed flash of that instant and intolerant enlightenment—the Lightning made eternal as the Light. No one therefore shall take away our hope for any person or nation, regardless of the passing forces of evil.

Taken from Our Ground for Hope
The Worst Thing Evil Can Do
by Fulton J. Sheen