Quilt Scraps and the Budget Quilt – Sort of . . .

Nothing I like better is a quilt order that leaves it up to my discretion as how it will turn out! In this case, my daughter asked for a new quilt for her birthday in March. She said she wanted it to be varied in subject with rainbows, colors, and . . . and . . . and. My cue to dig through my scraps and find fabric so I could make one of my ‘world vision’ quilts. Translation: Every square has some kind of picture/scene in it and anything goes. I also have tentative plans for the back of the quilt but haven’t finalized them yet. Someone told me that the backs of my quilts are almost as elaborate as the front. Yesterday, i finished the 30 preliminary squares for the quilt and hope to have time to start putting on the borders.  As usual, I have a quilt on the shelf that needs a few more hand stitches, one that is pieced and awaiting some backing fabric, and now this current creation.







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