Me and Technology

P1000577For the last five years or so, I have had a flip phone that suited my purposes well. It only had the numbers of my family and one other family. Period. I do not like talking on the phone and I especially hate conversing while trying to shop or wherever anyone might catch me and want to chat. In fact, most people don’t even realize I own a cell phone! Given my needs, my flip phone was perfect for me. It broke. My husband rejoiced. He has been wanting me to get a SmartPhone of sorts for several years. I kept telling him that I wasn’t smart enough for a smart phone yet I now have one.

My daughter immediately helped me pick out a case for it but it didn’t come with one of those ultra-thin plastic sheets to protect the surface and Walmart didn’t carry the size we needed. It is on order. In the meantime, my husband found an extra one around the house that didn’t exactly fit but would be okay until the sized one arrived. I keep my phone in my back pocket and because of the sizing of the temporary protection sheet, it soon wrinkled, bubbled, and folded. In order to keep it somewhat in place, I did the only reasonable thing and put a rubber band around it. My family shakes their collective heads as I have managed to take technology down a few step and turned my state-of-the-art phone into a nerd phone.

The other day, while shopping at Walmart, my husband misplaced me so called to find out where I had wandered off. I felt my phone vibrate (I never keep the ring tone on!), pulled it out of my pocket, saw it was my husband, wanted to answer him but realized that no one had told me how to answer the phone! As I struggled to work it out, i almost bumped into my husband who had located me by sight. He just looked resigned and shook his head very sadly.

3 thoughts on “Me and Technology

    1. Afraid not! Neither Carl nor I text so we agree on that, at least! I consider my cell phone for emergencies, only (like Carl misplacing me at the store!) and never admit to even having a cell phone. Fred and Wilma Flintstone are our role models! 🙂


  1. ha ha ha! I too, had to figure out how to answer my phone when it rang. Chris has been awesome in teaching me how to work this thing. I went walking last night at a new park with another friend who does want to join me and Bev but has things going on at those times. Anyway, at the new park (new to us), we couldn’t figure out where we had to go and I gave her my cell to find the map.She did and off we went but it was really sad on my part that I couldnt’ do this. We walked 1.5 miles. 


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