Stealing for Comfort? Attacking for Justice?

The world gets crazier with each passing day. When something doesn’t go the way people would like it to go, they burn, attack, hurt people, and destroy property. I see the video footage on television of the people (this time in Maryland) who seemed to think that justifiable protests should include mayhem, vandalism, and injury to other people. As you watch them break into businesses and loot the places before burning them down, you wonder how even they can say that this is presenting their side of the story.

We’ve seen this happen more than once over the years. People actually descend on the site of the protests in order to join in the looting. To me, this doesn’t send a message of sympathy for the ‘reason’ for the protest. It does show the disease spreading in our country of entitlement where the thinking seems to be, “You make me angry and you take your chances.” If any of these vandals and attackers took the time, could they tell us why they think running out of stores with stolen goods that will be used for their own comforts is helping the family of the deceased person they purport to support by their actions.

These people don’t care so much for justice as they do for a chance to harm and steal. Their idea of justice is do it the way they feel it should go not the process of the justice system. In the current upheaval, they are putting police officers in the hospital with injuries they don’t deserve. You have to wonder who they would call if someone burned down their house, torched their car, or attacked someone in their family.

Thou shalt not kill . . . Thou shalt not steal . . . Thou shalt not covet . . . You can bet that many of the thugs on the loose were raised to know better but the temptation of acting out and robbery overrides any love of neighbor or dignity their mothers may have tried to instill into their hearts.

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