How I Spent My Lent in 2015!

P1000537 P1000539 P1000540 P1000541 P1000542 P1000543 P1000544 P1000545 P1000546 P1000547 P1000548 P1000549 P1000550Decided to take a different approach to Lent this year and get an afghan a week done for Comfort Covers Ministry. Actually ended up with thirteen of them completed by Easter Sunday! A side benefit of my effort was that I finally made a substantial dent in my hoard of yarn leftover from other projects. Unfortunately, in order to finish the above, I ended up having to purchase more yarn here and there and still maintain a leftover yarn ‘collection’!

4 thoughts on “How I Spent My Lent in 2015!

    1. It was a struggle to get them done but I decided that just giving up something for Lent wasn’t as difficult as having something to show for it. That’s where every spare minute went those six weeks. Sigh . . . still have too much leftover yarn but am starting my Christmas crocheting now!


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