Country Road, Take Me Home . . . By Way of Japan!

Love this rendition of John Denver’s popular song. I’ll listen to it in any language!

Stealing for Comfort? Attacking for Justice?

The world gets crazier with each passing day. When something doesn’t go the way people would like it to go, they burn, attack, hurt people, and destroy property. I see the video footage on television of the people (this time in Maryland) who seemed to think that justifiable protests should include mayhem, vandalism, and injury to other people. As you watch them break into businesses and loot the places before burning them down, you wonder how even they can say that this is presenting their side of the story.

We’ve seen this happen more than once over the years. People actually descend on the site of the protests in order to join in the looting. To me, this doesn’t send a message of sympathy for the ‘reason’ for the protest. It does show the disease spreading in our country of entitlement where the thinking seems to be, “You make me angry and you take your chances.” If any of these vandals and attackers took the time, could they tell us why they think running out of stores with stolen goods that will be used for their own comforts is helping the family of the deceased person they purport to support by their actions.

These people don’t care so much for justice as they do for a chance to harm and steal. Their idea of justice is do it the way they feel it should go not the process of the justice system. In the current upheaval, they are putting police officers in the hospital with injuries they don’t deserve. You have to wonder who they would call if someone burned down their house, torched their car, or attacked someone in their family.

Thou shalt not kill . . . Thou shalt not steal . . . Thou shalt not covet . . . You can bet that many of the thugs on the loose were raised to know better but the temptation of acting out and robbery overrides any love of neighbor or dignity their mothers may have tried to instill into their hearts.

Comfort Cats!

P1000033I’m not really a ‘cat’ person but, obviously, Marcella is pretty sure she is a ‘people’ cat. She had a very strict schedule about where she is and what she should be doing every minute of the day. This is not a difficult schedule to maintain as napping takes up 85% of her day. There is, of course, the decision of where to nap but she has managed that hurdle since kittenhood.

Every evening, I get an an hour of crocheting, if I’m lucky! Marcella starts off on the carpet just watching me. Eventually, she saunters over and perches on the arm of the sofa. She will then stretch and one of her paws will ‘accidentally’ fall near by crocheting. Another yawn and sniff and she soon has both paws on my lap with her rump still perched on the arm of the sofa. Her final, step, as you can see is a comfortable place on my lap. When my husband snapped the picture, she only opened her eyes long enough to give him a look that said, “Don’t even think of moving me!” Having had previous encounters with a peeved Marcella, my husband meekly put some distance between them.

There still will be arguments

A few months ago, Donald Trump was on the Hannity Show and the subject of vaccinations came up and Mr. Trump said that although he would prefer the vaccinations be given at an older age, he seemed to indicate that there might yet be a connection to autism. Hannity looked shocked and asked Mr. Trump if he had not been following the proven medical reports and studies that did not show a link between the MMR Vaccine and autism. Mr. Trump said he knew two children who had gotten the injections and developed autism. For a gentleman of such amazing financial smarts, it was shocking to see him resort to anecdotal conclusions meaning because he knew two cases that matched up to his assumption, it must be true. This latest study should put to rest the worries of parents that there is a link between vaccines and autism . . . but it probably won’t as so many will stand by their anecdotal conclusions regardless of medical facts and years of medical studies.

A sad note to the article was the mention of all the money that went to again prove the lack of a link, money that could have gone to more serious problems with children.

Anecdotal evidence – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia// // //

The expression anecdotal evidence refers to evidence from anecdotes. In cases where small numbers of anecdotes are presented, there is a larger chance that they may be unreliable due to cherry-picked or otherwise non-representative samples of typical cases.[1][2] Anecdotal evidence is considered dubious support of a generalized claim; it is, however, within the scope of scientific method for claims regarding particular instances. Anecdotal evidence is no more than a type description (i.e., short narrative), and is often confused in discussions with its weight, or other considerations, as to the purpose(s) for which it is used. This is true regardless of the veracity of individual claims.[3][4][5]

The term is often used in contrast to scientific evidence, such as evidence-based medicine, which are types of formal accounts. Some anecdotal evidence does not qualify as scientific evidence because its nature prevents it from being investigated using the scientific method. Misuse of anecdotal evidence is an informal fallacy and is sometimes referred to as the “person who” fallacy (“I know a person who…”; “I know of a case where…” etc. Compare with hasty generalization). Anecdotal evidence is not necessarily representative of a “typical” experience; in fact, human cognitive biases such as confirmation bias mean that exceptional or confirmatory anecdotes are much more likely to be remembered. Accurate determination of whether an anecdote is “typical” requires statistical evidence

Rest in Peace, Cardinal George!

Cardinal Francis George passed away after a battle with cancer. I think one of his quotes is leaving us with a legacy we will recall when it happens and the way the world is going, we seem to be heading that way.

“I expect to die in bed, my successor will die in prison and his successor will die a martyr in the public square. His successor will pick up the shards of a ruined society and slowly help rebuild civilization, as the church has done so often in human history.”

Bragging Rights!

P1000560 P1000561 P1000562Now, we are always pleased and proud of all our children in whatever they do of merit in life. There are some times, however, when our darling children outdo our wildest dreams. My bragging right for today are pictures of my older son’s first book which was published a couple of weeks ago. He sent us a copy which arrived in the mail, today. He even remembered to autograph it in his usual, down-to-earth, time-saving way: For Mom and Dad – John

We’ve been following his progress in this new adventure in his life for the last year. It is so thrilling to actually hold the finished product in our own hands. I’m studying Chinese in order to some day read the book but found I understand the English portions pretty well! 🙂